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Blog entry by Vele Georgiev

Eight Webconference

Eight Webconference

team screen shot.

Presentation slide

While the summer holidays are on, the DigiWoman team is progressing according the operating plan towards creating the planned results. Last week we had our Web Conference #8 where we discussed the progress of the project .

🌱 We reviewed the project activities done and the progress made from the previous meeting

🌱 We shared an update on the communication plan and dissemination work

🌱 Discussed the progress on the first version of the handbook and agreed on set of action to take

🌱 Reviewed the Intellectual Output #2 Guidelines on further work

🌱 Opened new chapter to introduce the work on Intellectual Output #3

🌱 Reviewed the Intellectual Output #4 (e-platform) and agreed to continue on its development as wrap up output that brings all the work together. 

🌱 Other management issues including setting the next meeting in August.

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