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Blog entry by Vele Georgiev

Transnational Project Meeting, 20-21 June 2022, Maribor

Transnational Project Meeting, 20-21 June 2022, Maribor

Finally the Digiwomen team met in person. After all this time working on individual tasks and doing monthly online coordination meetings, we have met for the TPM meeting in Maribor, Slovenia.

Transnational Project Meetings promote interconnectivity between people, they complement ideas and approaches in education, foster collaboration among the project partner organisations and the involved people, promote innovation, an opportunity to plan ahead, monitor the progress and resolve any pending management issues.

Here is a brief overview of the content covered during the TPM meeting:

  1. Steering committee meeting: revision of reporting, revision of dissemination plan and reach, revision of the timeline.
  2. Intellectual Output #3 - Update and revision of the plan of work.
  3. Intellectual Output #4: Update on the E-learning platform, the status of the art, and planning of the plan of work.
  4. Update on the dissemination.
  5. We have done round presentations of the work done so far in each of the organizations: contributions to IO's, dissemination activities, internal work, etc.
  6. Steering committee meeting: setting new deadlines and tasks after the TPM
  7. Cultural visit to Maribor.

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Group photo TPM Maribor

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