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Blog entry by Žan Dapčevič

Why do we address the needs of women in rural areas?

Why do we address the needs of women in rural areas?

Did you know that their importance in the rural economy is significant even though their participation in the informal rural economy is not statistically recognized? Female entrepreneurs represent only one-third of self-employed people and they tend to have smaller farms than men, but take more calculated risks than men.

That is why the purpose of the DigiWomen project is transnational cooperation among 5 partners with the same needs and characteristics; to educate VET trainers to support women coming from disadvantaged rural areas to train themselves in business education and training focusing on developing job qualifications, leadership skills, and bookkeeping.

To achieve this goal, the DigiWomen project comes to enhance their skills in financial, digital, agricultural, and English language literacy. Accordingly, women will receive equal opportunities through the use of modern and innovative digital training tools; an E-learning platform that will include particular curricula for VET trainers and support them to create attractive and friendly modules.
The VET trainers responsible for implementing training courses for these women will guide and support them in creating tailored-made content according to their needs.

Through training and skills development, rural girls and women can play a much greater role in the development of green food and agricultural value chains, both as current and future agricultural workers and entrepreneurs.

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