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Financial, Digital, Agricultural and English language Literacies Conference in Greece

The objectives of the event are detected to:

- The presentation of the results of Diagnostic Report on knowledge – skills – competences concerning Financial – Digital – Agricultural – English language literacies demands of the agricultural sector in partners’ areas, the presentation of the e-Learning platform as an effective tool to support VET trainers to educate support women to enter in the labour market or creating their own business in the agricultural sector along with a demonstration of its performance.

- The presentation of the benefits that VET trainers and women gained concerning Financial – Digital, Agricultural – English language literacies development considering: the enhance of their job qualifications and enter in the labour market or deal with entrepreneurship, the increase of their active participation, their empowerment, the increase of their confidence and self-esteem, the creation of better life circumstances, the increase of their confidence and self-esteem.

- The establishment of a long-lasting network and engagement in relevant activities

- The introduction of modern, innovative, educational training procedures using technological methodologies in the agricultural sector.

- The sensitisation and information of relevant stakeholders and policymakers to promote the incorporation of digital tools on training the members of the multiple productive sectors

- The proliferation of the outcomes by making it known to different fields of sustainable development sectors.

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